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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

The One Bass Tab

Artist: Limp Bizkit
Song: The One
Album: chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water

A tab by Tic Tac
@ =

You can Improvise in the Verses becasue they
change much

Do fell free to upgrade this tab


G |-----3---------3---4h5-5--------------
D |-------2-3---------------4h5-5--------
A |--3~---------3~-----------------------
E |--------------------------------------  (x3)

Fill In  (before Fred starts to sing)
G |---------------
D |----------2---
A |--2---4------
E |---------------  (x1)

Vers Variation #1
G |-----3--------3---4h5-5----------------
D |--------3-1--------------4h5-5---------
A |--3~--------3~-------------------------
E |---------------------------------------   (x8)

[ Tab from: ]
G |------------------------------------------
D |--------------------------2222222222------
A |--2222222222--4444444444-------------------
E |-------------------------------------------    (x3)

Fill In   (x1)

Vers/Variation #2
G |-----3----------3---4h5-5--------------
D |-------3-0----------------4h5-5--------
A |--3~----------3~------------------------
E |---------------------------------------- (x8)

Chorus   (x3)
Fill In      (x4)

G |------------------------------------------------------
D |-----------------------------4-3-2222222222-----------
A |--2222222222h4-3-4444444444--------------------3-0----
E |------------------------------------------------------  (x7)

Fill In   (x3)



2:     Let the note ring
~2    Vibrate the note
3    Vibrate the note up and down
2/~  Vibrate the note when pulling it up or down
\/    Pull it up or down
3h4  Hammer on from note 3 too 4
5p4  Pull off from note 5 too 4
s      Slap Note
p      Pop Note