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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

My Way Bass Tab

Artist: Limp Bizkit
Song: My Way
Album: chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water

A tab by Tic Tac
@ =


This is a Update!
I have taking away how many times you gonna
play, Becasue I dont think that is needed. Play
how many times you fell is right!


Vers: ("You think your special....")
G |-----------7----9---------7-----9--------
D |--------5h6--7h8---------6-----8---------
A |-----------------------5-----7-----------
E |--8--8:-----------8--8-------------------

G |-----------------------------------
D |-----------------------------------
A |--555555555555--7-77777777777777---
E |-----------------------------------


Interlude:  (When Wes Solo, If you want you can play this or you can rest
and wait)
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Play around with it!!
G |------------------------------------
D |------------------------------------
A |------7p9-9-7p9-9-7p9-99-7p9-99------
E |--8-8---------------------------9-7--

After Wes Solo:

G |-------------------7-----9----------------7-----9------7-----9---
D |------------------6-----8---5h8---7h8----6-----8----5h6---7h8----
A |-5--6--8--7------5-----7----------------5-----7------------------
E |-----------------------------------------------------------------

Outro  (If you want, the beging of the Interlude)



2:     let the note ring
~2    vibrate the note
‰3    vibrate the note up and down
2/~  vibrate the note when pulling it up or down
\/     pull it up or down
3h4  hammer on from note 3 too 4
5p4  pull off from note 5 too 4
s      Slap Note
p      pop note