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Perfect Chords

Perfect ~ Lights

Am   G  F   F
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Verse 1:

Am          G                    F
Maybe I don't say all the right things
           G            Am     
Maybe I stumble on my words
             G                    F
Maybe I laugh at all the wrong times
Maybe I mumble and I curse

Am                F                  G   Am
The last thing I want is to let you down
          F                         G
Cuz all that I want is to make you proud


    D                                   F
I can't explain just why I'm acting this way
          D                   G
I can't control it, so I go with it
  D                                   F                 
I'm just a girl, I won't be changing the world
            D                   G 
And boy you know that, I'm not perfect
         F      G     
But I'm per----fect, for you

Am   G  F   F
Oh, oh, oh, oh
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Verse 2:
Am          G                    F
I know I don't make all the best moves
            G               Am     
And I know sometimes I get weak
                     G         F
But I know I've got nothing to lose
Maybe that's what you love about me

Am                  F          G    Am
The best I can do, is to be myself
                     F           G      Am F G
And hope it's enough to make you proud


D                  F                  G   D F
When you're in the room, my head is clear
D             F               G   
You make the world just disappear
    D    F        G       D  F
So open up your eyes and see

Chorus x 2 
( 1st time only: Play until "..And boy you know that", after D play the G)
(2nd time: Regular Chorus)

Am   G  F   F
Oh, oh, oh, oh    For you
Am   G     F   
Oh, oh

Pew. Pew. Pew.
Note: Please listen to song to see how chords fit in with lyrics. Thanks!