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Outdoor Miner Chords

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From: "Matthew Kilsby" 
Subject: l/lightning_seeds/outdoor_miner.crd
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 19:34:09 +0100

This is 'outoor miner' by the lightning seeds and is a b-side to the ready
or not single.  It is a superb song and is pretty easy to play.  If you have
any suggestions or corrections then e-mail me at

Chords used
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-A-	-C#m-   -B-    -E-    -G-|
-5-	 -4-    -x-	   -0-    -3-|
-5-	 -5-    -2-    -2-    -2-|
-6-	 -6-    -4-    -2-    -0-|
-7-	 -6-    -4-    -1-    -0-|
-7-	 -4-    -4-    -0-    -0-|
-5-	 -4-    -2-    -0-    -3-|

1st verse

A		   C#m
  No blind spots in leopard's eyes,
B              A
  Can only help to jeopordize
C#m		    B				   A,C#m,B,A
  The lives of lambs and shephard cries
A		   C#m
  An ourdoor life for a silver fish
B		A
  Till dust, less ticklish
C#m			B				A,C#m,B,A
  And a clean room, the house guest's wish

Chorus (x2)

He lies on his side
Is he trying to hide
The fact of the earth
That he's known since birth.

2nd verse
(same chords as 1st verse)

Face worker, serpantine miner
The roof falls among the liner
The leaf structure, the egg timer.

Chorus (x2)



Repeat these chords over and over under the melody played on piano or

Chorus (x4)