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God Help Them Chords


Intro: C F

    C				       F
The storms of life will pass away as I walk beside my holy of holies
    C					   F
The northern lights that held my gaze were heaven in those hellish days
    G				F
And once I longed to taste them all

C			G
God help them when they find out
F	    Dm		C      G
That's what life is all about
And God help us when we find out
That's what love is all about
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The words have died upon our lips, the winds have blown disaster upon us
All my life I've braved these thorns and weathered out the blackest storms
But once I longed to taste them all

C		F
Since that day, you're all I've prayed for
We're bought and paid for
But it cost us both more
Tim Villa                                      
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