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High Chords

Lighthouse Family-High
lyrics & music by Paul Tucker
Tabbed by Perky (among the city of Birminghams finest gentrymen)

capo 1st fret
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First Verse
A                  E 
When your Close to tears remember
B             D
one day it'll all be over
A                  E  B      D
one day were gonna get so high
A                     E          
Cos even though its darker than december
B                  D
Whats ahead is a different colour
A                  E  B      D
One day were gonna get so high

highest string-1
one below-1     (variation od D)
third from top-2

Same chords as the verse.
Cos We are gonna be
forever you and me
you will always keep me flyin high in the sky
of love!

Enjoy it and bugger off my property