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End Has Only Begun Chords

Lifehouse-The end has only begun (2005)
Tabbed by: ChristJesus1<3
Tuning:  Standard or tune Eb Bb Gb Db Ab Eb, either sounds decent

A----3--2------------------------ This is the bass part after the G chord is played, listen to the CD
 Remember play it right after the G chord in the beginning, use A string on guitar.. Still sounds well.


We walk in your footsteps
             F     Em       Am
Though I've had my ups and downs
And I'll stand in the silence
F       Em         Am
Until I figure it out

[ Tab from: ]
One might fall and the other will stand
And one might give where the other won't bend
       D                    Am
The night is bright as the sun

I'm never gonna know

Never gonna look back
Never gonna know where we would have ended up at
    D           Am
The end has only begun

Verse 2 (same)

Chorus (Same...C/G.A7,D, Am)

Bridge.. Not so sure,  play with these chords

Bridge B, A Em Am F C , I know the last two are 100% accurate, F and C... try them

Anyways God bless you, much love. If you have questions, bad comments.. Good comments,
and corrections to the bridge, email
End the song on F and C