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What A Waster Tab

yoyo, here's what a waster basically:

intro riff

e-------------3--2~~ the notes in brackets
b---------1--(3)(3)- i am uncertain of, but the
g-------2----------- ones out of the brackets
d-----2-----2------- are definately right.
then (thingy 1) (shown below)

then : F, G (cba with the amount of times u play it,
work it out, its easy)

Am, D, G, Em x3
then: (thingy 1)

e------3---- one strum on each chord
b--1-1-0-1-- (you'll know what i mean
g--2-2-0-2--  when u listen to the song)
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Am, D, G, Em (x3)
Am, D, GGGG, F#, F, E, AmAmAmAm, E, F, F#, G (thingy 2)
F, G, F, G then (thingy 1)
Am, D, G, Em (x3)
(thingy 2)
F, G, F, G,(thingy 1) (x2)

then the intro riff, but with a few variations,
and again i cba to work them out

Am, D, G, Em (x a lot)

outro: Am, D, G, Em with one strum on each (dont bet on this tho,
coz i aint sure about it)

nb, on (thingy 2) when the Am and G are shown a few times, this
means strum continuoously until u hear the next chord, listen to 
the record, ull know what i mean.

thats about it according to me, email me if u have ne probs