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France Chords

Song: France
Artist: The libertines
Album: The libertines

Bm      e-2	G7	e-3	e	e-0	F#	e-2
	b-3		b-3		b-0		b-2
	g-4		g-4		g-1		g-3
	d-4		d-3		d-2		d-4
	a-2		a-5		a-2		a-4
	e-x		e-3		e-0		e-2

 Bm		    G7		e	   
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"the ideal girl in london from france came over and left me
 left she left me entranced                  (same pattern throughout)
 now i have to get by once again on my own nothin but...memories
 so i remember your eyes that fine shade of brown while these blue eyes 
 of mine they stay closed
 i kissed you goodbye on the M109 i choked as i watched the bus go"


d------------3-3---3----------------	x2

"I'm choking and smoking to your angelic soul
 I'm choking and smoking myself into a hole
 where the only way out is to sleep and to dream
 and to cry out your name"