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Sir Track Chords

(The pager song)
Liam Lynch – Fake Songs

The timing is hard to explain, but if you know the song, it comes easy.

There are but 3 chords used,       A	   E	  B7
			E      ----0-------0-------2----
			B      ----2-------0-------0----
			G      ----2-------1-------2----
			D      ----2-------2-------1----
			A      ----0-------2-------2----
			E      ----0-------0-------0----

The Verses
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The beat of the intro and main riff, as you might call it, is very fast.
It goes 1 2 3 4 & 1 2
or down down down down up down down.
so it’s A A A E & E E | A A A E & E E | A A A E
(I named my pager, isn’t that cute? ….)

When it comes to the “key change”
(People give me a hard because I have a wooden ass…)
It starts out as regular riff:
A A A E & E E | A A A E & E E | A A A B7 | 

B7  A|
(That’s why there’s only sand paper in the bathroom ….)

A A A E & E E | A A A E & E E | A A A E

And you just continue, fitting it all into the song!