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The Dutchman Chords

From: Barrie McCombs 
Subject: c/liam_clancy/the_dutchman.num

THE DUTCHMAN   Time: 4/4   Tenor: D   Bass: C

    1                16              1maj7                 16
The Dutchman not the kind of man, to keep his thumb jammed in the dam

     2m7                   *
That holds his dreams in

5                            1               16
. But that's the secret only Marg'ret knows

     1            16            1maj7                 16
When Amsterdam is golden in the morning when Margaret brings his breakfast

2m7                *
She believes him

5                                1
. He thinks that tulips bloom be-neath the snow

            4                            3m                   6m
He's mad as he can be, but Marg'ret only sees that sometimes

              2m              5               1
Sometimes she sees her unborn children in his eyes


    2m                        3m
Let us go to the banks of the ocean

          4            5               3m       6m
Where the walls rise a-bove the Zuider Zee

       2m   5            3m        6m
Long a-go I used to be a young man

         2m          5                4   5
And dear Marg'ret re-members that for me_____


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- The metre is irregular, almost spoken at times


    1                    16
The Dutchman still wears wooden shoes

His cap and coat are patched with love that Margeret sewed in

Sometimes he thinks he's still in Rotterdam

He watches tugboats down canals

Calls out to them when he thinks he knows the captain

Till Margaret comes to take him home again

Through unforgiving streets that trip him though she holds his arm

Sometimes he thinks he's alone and calls her name

The windmill whirls the winter wind, she winds his muffler tighter

They sit in the kitchen, and tea with whiskey keeps away the dew

He see's her for a moment

Calls her name, she makes his bed up

Humming some old love song

She learned it when the tune was very new

She hums a line or two, they hum together in the night

The Dutchman falls asleep and Margaret blows the candle out

- Asterisk (*) =  new measure, play same chord
- Period (.)   =  1/8 note rest at start of a measure
- Underline(_) =  sustain note into next measure

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- Key of C:    C    D    E    F    G    A    B
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