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Veronica Tab

 I normally don't like pop music like LFO, but my friends made me listen to it alot, so here it is.

LFO -- Veronica aka west side story


This song is extremely easy to play.
Its three chords played four times each.
They are the intro and the chorus.
The chords are also used in the verse, just play them each once with long rests inbetween.
To play the chords bar the lowest fret, and put your middle finger on the highest fret, and the two other fingers on the middle frets.
You can slide the chords, no need to lift your fingers.
Downstroke: +   Upstroke: ^
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lfo/veronica_tab.html ]
 +   ^ +   +   + ^ + +   + ^ + +   + ^ + +
   Emaj          Cmaj       Amaj     Cmaj

If you need any help you can email me: supershortdude@yahoo.com
Also e-mail me if you have anything else to say.
I created parts of this tab with instab, available for FREE.

"Until next time, ta ta."