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Huey Lews and the News
The Power of Love
Transcribed by Ryan Robles (ryanjrobles@hotmail.com)

Ive noticed that previous files on this site havnt included transcription for the main riff. 


Its a simple progression over the Cm7 (x35543), Bb (x13331) and F (x65343) chords that make up 
the verse. Fragments of the chords are played in a sequence to form the verse riff. 

The riff is as follows:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lewis_huey/power_of_love_tab.html ]
    (-PH 1-)  (----PH 2---)  (----PH3----) 

This is the riff that repeats at every verse and during the solo.

The PH's at the top of the tab simply represent the phrases as I cant give too much detail on 
these basic staves. Listen to the recroding to get the rhythm and slides etc. 

Chris Hayes uses a clean humbucker sound with some tone rolled off. A clean amp sound will be 
sufficient but to get that even tone you'll have to use mild compression.

Its a simple riff but a bugger to master so that it sounds even and practised. 
The rest of the song is pretty standard (except for the solo). If anyone wants the solo, 
email me as above.