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Magic Greenery Chords

Magic Greenery (Bevin/Levy)

verse 1
G                               Am7
Looking out of my rear view mirror
C                                       G
Check and see what`s coming behind
G                         Am7
Looks like the road`s real clear
C                               G
So I`ll drive at the pace I like
G                        Am7
Pretty slow to most of you
C                         G
But very fast to me you see
               Am7                  C                             G
I like to walk down the middle line all the time
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D                  F           F#                      G7
Cos that`s where I find my peace of mind
D                  F                  F#                G7
Chug chug chugging along in the right time
D                  F       F#                G7
I aint never , aint never looking back
D                  F       F#                G7
Got to wake, got to shake on the right track
F       F#                G7 
F       F#                G7
F       F#                G7

Supping at my cup of sweet tea
I roll myself some homegrown
this is the way it should be
I`m not waitin on a phone call
lighting up the taste so sweet
oil my machinery
my notebook i can graciously greet
thank you to the magic greenery 

that why I lose myself in my land
some might say  I be sticking my head in the sand
but I aint never, aint never looking back
got to wake got to shake on the right track