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The Game Chords

The GAME (CAPO on 3rd)

    Bm      D     Em        G
The bar was dark, quiet and still 
    D                G          D        G
and nothing could be heard, the dust lay undisturbed.
     Bm             D     Em           G
At a table near the back, underneath a fan
D                G    D                G
Two men shared a joke about the normal folk.
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    Bm        A      Em         G      A        D          
The cards are on the table, the winner takes it all 
    Bm      A      Em     G       A        D            
the game is nearly over - one man about to fall

       Bm / G           Bm / G
Well I dont believe in heaven,
  Bm / G           D  /  G
I dont believe in hell,
  Bm / G                  Bm / G
I dont believe what I am seeing -     
G          A             Bm
This is no game cant you tell