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From: "Matthew Kilsby" 
Subject: l/levellers/sail_away.crd
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 19:34:06 +0100
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This is the short 'sail away' on the mouth to mouth album and is the 11th
track.  It is extremely easy to play because it only has three chords.  If
you have any suggestions, corrections then mail me at

Chords used

-A-	-E-	-D-
-x-	-0-	-x-
-0-	-2-	-x-
-2-	-2-	-0-
-2-	-1-	-2-
-2-	-0-	-3-
-0-	-0-	-2-

1st verse

  Down the hill I wander

Just to watch the world go by.
  Passers-by pass under
Underneath the clear blue sky.
  No-one seems to notice
D					A
  No-one seems to even wonder why.

2nd verse
(same chords as first verse)

And as I sit I sail away
It is as if I broke the line
'Coz nothing really matters
Nothing matters all the time
But no-one seems to notice
No-one seems to even wonder why.

End on A