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Make U Happy

Workied this out from a live accoustic version.  (live in York, by disclive europe)
So may not be perfect!! The lyrics have definately changed. Put in sus chords whenever
you feel like it.


A Bm D A x 8

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/levellers/make_you_happy_crd.html ]
A                          Bm
When you're staring at the walls
D                          A       
And you've nothing left to think
seems that no one ever calls
D                      A                                 
and ur heart begins to sink

G            D                A
well i would love to make you happy,
G      D            A
But im busy with my mind.
G            D                A
And i would love to make your world right
G           D                 A
I need your help and you need mine.