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Дата: 20 мая 2000 г. 19:19

The Levellers Julie.
 Tabbed by Chris Parker      parklifegti@sms.genie.co.uk.
Title:   Julie  
Artist: The Levellers
Tabbed by Chris Parker   Parklifegti@sms.genie.co.uk

D  G  D  G

(D)Julie was a lonely (G)girl, 
She said she was born that (D)way, 
She always felt that (G)way.
(D)She left home at age six(G)teen 
get a job what are you supposed to (D)do:  that's what you got to do(G)
(D)She fell in love and settled (G)down 
in a council (D)place there on the edge of (G)town

(D)She felt a(a)lone in a crowded (G)room   
(D)Cry when she (a)heard a happy (G)tune
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Oh (D)it would be nice to holi(G)day
Till they took her job a(D)way
They just took her life a(G)way
And (D)doing nothing nothing isn't (G)fun
When there's nothing from which to (D)run
Yeah there's nowhere left to (G)run
(D)She'd visit the social every (G)day 
Every time be turned a(D)way
Every time be turned a(G)way.

(D)She felt a(a)lone in a crowded (G)room
(D)Cry when she (a)heard a happy (G)tune

(short instrumental break)
D a D G D a G

A (D)hundred stairs to her new (G)room
Over glass and blackened (D)spoons
Childred grow old so (G)soon.
(D)Passed the kids who gathered (G)there 
Pain masked by narcotic (D)stares
but no one really (G)cares.

(D)Her dreams were (A)cut up and bled (G)dry
a (D)million voic(a)es in her (G)cry

(a)Julie waits, her (D)world is (G)her win(a)dow
(A)And Julie hates just (D)what she (G)dosn't (A)know
(a)And Julie hates, she (D)hates the (G)world be(a)low
(A)And Julie loves, she (D)loves too (G)much to (A)know

(cue bagpipes and violins)

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