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From: Sagi Assaf  
Subject: /l/levellers/julie.cho

Julie (Levellers)


D                  G
Julie was a lonely girl

Said she was born that way

She always felt that way

D                       G
She left home at age sixteen

Got a job, what you're supposed to do

That's what you gotta do

D                            G
She fell in love and settled down

             D                        G
In a council place out on the edge of town

D          A                  G
She'd feel alone in a crowded room

D            A         G
Cry when she heard a happy tune
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/levellers/julie_crd.html ]
(same chords as last verse)
Well it would be nice to holiday
'Till they took her job away
They just took her life away
And doing nothing isn't fun when you've nothing from which to run
Yeah, you've nowhere left to run
She'd visit the social every day
Every time be turned away
Every time be turned away
She'd feel alone in a crowded room
Cry when she heard a happy tune

(Chords used for the bridge are D,G and A, but I'm not sure about the order,
 It's been a long time since I last heard this song.
 I think it's : D A D G D A G)

  D                         G
A hundred stairs to her new room

Over glass and blackened spoons

Children grow old so soon

D                        G
Past the kids who gather there

Pain masked by narcotic stares

But no-one really cares

D               A               G
Her dreams were cut up and bled dry

D              A        G
A million voices in her cry

A                D        G       A
Julie waits, her world is her window

                     D        G       A
And Julie hates just what she doesn't know

                     D         G       A
And Julie hates, she hates the world below

                     D         G        A
But Julie loves, she loves too much too know...

Transcribed by :
Assaf Sagi, s3220602@techst02.technion.ac.il