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Cardboard Box City Tab

Track:Cardboard Box City (live)
Album:Weapon called the Word

Tabbed from the live bonus track on the CD re-release of
Weapon called the Word and from a live gig in newcastle


Riff between Em and Em+5 (022010)
and between Am and Asus2 (X02200)

Em Am B7


Em                     Am
Have you seen them in euston station
Em                     Am
begging in their separate ways
Em                        Am
some of them no more than children
Em                     Am
Some of them are runaways
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Em                     Am
i dont care for your opinion
Em                     Am
ive seen you turn your face away
Em                     Am
you said to me "son whats your problem
B7                    (Riff)
lets talk about this over lunch someday"

       G           D
But i bet you aint never
walked south of the river
     G       D
down the old kent road
and down southwark way
          G                  D              Em
i bet youve never never seen them lying in the litter
       G         D
in the cardboard boxes
where you make them stay

in the docklands etc...

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