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Boatman Tab

The Levellers - The Boatman.

for the chords to this song please see elsewhere in the Site.  The Tab is ok but I have a few improvements.

The intro:  played in E

e ----------0--0--0
B ----------0--0--0
G ----------1--1--1
D ---0---2-----2--2
A -2-----------2--2
E -----------------

Listen to the track to get the gist.  Ok now the Tab for the cool mandolin sounding bit.  I have re-arranged it so, 
if like me you are just starting on the road of guitar playing you can grab everything easier.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/levellers/boatman_tab.html ]

For the lyrics and the other chords, They are mainly E and D please see the other tab.  
This is meant only as a correction.  If anyone has Bass tabs for anything by the leveleers then mail me.
Hope you enjoy it.  If I messed up the tab then send me the corrections aswell

Be good