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Ballard Of Robbie Jones Tab

      Hello wonderful world of music its crazy Dave here y'know Barrett
      ive been searching the net for this song for time and i couldnt believe 
      that i could not find it so in the end 
      like any great musician i just sat down and worked it out.
       You wont believe how simple it is just 3 basic chords
         for this great Levellers clasic.

                                      G 320033         F 133211          C 032010

         verse 1

                 C                                                  F               C
         There was Robbie Jones he used to walk so tall y'know he'd hurt no one at all

               C                                  G                          C
         he'd chase the girls around the world, dance them round the dance halls 

               C                                    F           C
         he'd have a drink and then he'd sink into nustalgic talk, 

                C                                     F                     C
         we'd carry him home in the falling snow when he was too drunk to walk 

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                F          C           F     C       
            Then came the day we were sent away 
                      F        C                 G
           we got our papers posted through the door

            and sent off to war


                      C                              F          C                    
              Dear old Tom he'd sing a song and he'd play the guitar

                    C                             G                C
              he'd tell us all his storys of his travels near and far

                    C                                         F              C
              he singed up one day to learn a trade but that dream didnt go far

                     C                              G             C   
               he'd be fighting Argentinians with a gun not his guitar

                    Then just repeat the chorus a few more times loop, simer, stir 
                    and hey presto another classic, i know its hard to believe but 
                     it really is as simple as that.
                         i hope this gives you hours of fun.

                     with all my six string love this WAS Crazy Dave y'know Barrett