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Cruel To Be Kind Chords

Here are the lyrics and well as chorlds to theis song, they may not be perfect but here goes anyway:
C Em F G
C Em F G G

Verse 1:
C                            Em
Oh, I can't stand another heart-ache. Though you
F                    G                     C
say you're my friend, I'm at my wits end. You say your love is
Em               F   C   Em                         F
bona fide, but that don't coincide With the things that you do,
Em             F            G
when I ask you, to be nice - you say
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F            G           Em               Am
You gotta be cruel to be kind - in the right measure
F             G           Em         Am
Cruel to be kind - it's a very good sign
F         G                  Em            Am
cruel to be kind - means that I love you - Baby!
G            G           G
You gotta be cruel to be kind

Verse 2:

C                     Em
Well I did my best, to understand you
F                       G
But you still mistify, I wanna know why
C                  Em             F   C   Em     
I pick myself up off the ground, to have you knock me back again
                    Em                F           G
againd and again, when I ask you to explain - you say

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental - C  Em   F    G
Repeat verse 2


I hope this helps !