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12 Chords For All Keys Chords

The 12 Basic Chords for Any Given Key
An Aid For Figuring Out Pop, Rock, And Blues Songs By Ear
Also A Handy Study Chart

This Chart and the one below Are intended to help beginners learn relationships between the chords and to help intermediate  and advanced players to more rapidly transpose songs to other keys. These are Not all the chords just  the most often used ones. These charts are also intended for Pop, Rock, Blues and Country music, as different chords will apply to , say jazz or classical, for instance the VII chord would not be flat in classical it would be a diminished chord,(something you will almost never see in rock and blues).
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C#maj	C#	D#m	E#m	F#	G#	A#m	B	A	E	D#	E#	F#m
F#maj	F#	G#m	A#m	B	C#	D#m	E	D	A	G#	A#	Bm
Bmaj	B	C#m	D#m	E	F#	G#m	A	G	D	C#	D#	Em
Emaj	E	F#m	G#m	A	B	C#m	D	C	G	F#	G#	Am
Amaj	A	Bm	C3m	D	E	F#m	G	F	C	B	C3	Dm
Dmaj	D	Em	F#m	G	A	Bm	C	Bflat	F	E	F#	Gm
Gmaj	G	Am	Bm	C	D	Em	F	Eb	Bflat	A	B	Cm
Cmaj	C	Dm	Em	F	G	Am	B	Ab	Eb	D	E	Fm
Fmaj	F	Gm	Am	Bflat	C	Dm	Eb	Db	Ab	G	A	Bm
Bfltmj	Bflat	Cm	Dm	Eb	F	Gm	Ab	Gb	Db	C	D	Ebm
Ebmaj	Eb	Fm	Gm	Ab	Bflat	Cm	Db	Cb	Gb	F	G	Abm
Abmaj	Ab	Bfltm	Cm	Db	Eb	Fm	Gb	Fb	Cb	Bflat	C	Dbm
Dbmaj	Db	Ebm	Fm	Gb	Ab	Bfltm	Cb	Bbb	Fb	Eb	F	Gbm
Gbmaj	Gb	Abm	Bfltm	Cb	Db	Ebm	Fb	Ebb	Bbb	Ab	Bflat	Cbm
Cbmaj	Cb	Dbm	Ebm	Fb	Gb	Abm	Bbb	Abb	Ebb	Db	Eb	Fbm

bb= double flat or two half-steps down, maj = Major Key, m = Minor Chord

7 Chords For Minor Keys

These are all built from the Relative minor scale, Again the most common in Pop, Rock and Country. You won’t find too many blues in a minor key unless it’s a jazz recording that has the word “blues” in the title. A lot of rock has been done in E minor by folks like R.E.M. and some Neil Young as well.			

Rom. N.	I	       II	III	IV	V	VI	VII
C#min	C#m	D	E	F#m	G#m	A	B
F#min	F#m	G	A	Bm	C#m	D	E
Bmin	Bm	C	D	Em	F#m	G	A
Emin	Em	F	G	Am	Bm	C	D
Amin	Am	Bflat	C	Dm	Em	F	G
Dmin	Dm	Eb	F	Gm	Am	Bflat	C
Gmin	Gm	Ab	Bflat	Cm	Dm	Eb	F
Cmin	Cm	Db	Eb	Fm	Gm	Ab	Bflat
Fmin	Fm	Gb	Ab	Bflatm	Cm  	Db	Eb
Bflatmin	Bflatm	Cb	Db	Ebm	Fm	Gb	Ab
Ebmin	Ebm	Fb	Gb	Abm	Bflatm	Cb	Db
Abmin	Abm	Bflat 	C	Dbm	Ebm	F	G
Dbmin	Dbm	Eb	F	Gbm	Abm	Bflat	C
Gbmin	Gbm	Ab	Bb	Cm	Dm	E	F
Cbmin	Cbm	Db	Eb	Fbm	Gbm	Ab	Bflat

I hope this helps some of you boys and girls out, it’s my way of trying to give back a little for all I’ve learned from This site over the past couple of years. Questions comments love letters hate mail and the rest can be sent to lucky70116@yahoo.com

To those of you who run this site YOU F##KIN RULE!!