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Mexican Hat Dance Tab

Written by Tom Dunlavey and Stacie Miller
As performed by Leprechaun Explosivo

Play twice
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/leprechaun_explosivo/mexican_hat_dance_tab.html ]
Throughout verse bass plays guitar while guitar plays following chords with a mariachi beat
E                A    B
E                A    B
I__ went
Down to Mexico my friend
A stu___pid mistake it nearly did me in_

I___ played
In a mari_achi band
A bunch of drunk-ass guys  in tacky clothes playin'

No guitar or bass (sound like drunk mexicans)
Ay ay ay ay! I have di_arhea! 
My crotch itches it burns when I pee now!
It's the crabs from that hooker Maria!
Muy loco!

Play intro again
(back to chords after intro)
I___ didnt
Play___that much
All I ever di_d was get drunk as fuck

Remem___ber that night
Maria has a kid now and he's pure-ass white

(Pick distorted melody in time with words
Ay ay ay ay! Maria has given me seafood itch!
Don't ever eat seafood from mexico! 
It will make you itch like a bad mofo!
(Intro riff with E chord rung out at end)