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Story Of My Life Chords

Story of my Life 

Artist kirsten Leontiou

Tabbed by Operastar 18/6/04, Mmmm.. perhaps I've overcomplicated it,
and maybe the Fmaj7 is a straight F, but it seems to fit, have a go 
and get back to me. bairdgrant1@aol.com

Am       012200
Ammaj7   011200
Fmaj7    012300
C        010230
G        300023
F        112331
D9       012000
C/G      010233
E7       001020
D9+F#/Gb 012002
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You say it was like this,
I was torn between two worlds,
One full of promise,
And the truth I knew would hurt.
You say Im no angel,
Trying to put the past behind.
Am              Ammaj7
So now I try to find,
Fmaj7       D9
A place to leave all,
Fmaj7       D9
Memories in my mind.
   Am  F  C/G  E7   Am    F 
We try,   our lives away,
        C             G 
Then stumble to the grave.
   Am  F  C/G      E7        Fmaj7   
We cry,       and still they say,
    D9+F#/Gb      F
The past won't go away.
The story of my life

By kirsten Leontiou