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Run Chords

This is a cover of leona lewis' cover of snow patrols run.
It sounds amazing on piano but almost as good on guitar.
I dont know the names of some of the chords but there u go, sounds right if u follow the tabs.

Tuning = standard
Capo = 1st

     G?  = 335433
     Em  = 022000
     D6  = 000202 (xx0232) can use (054000) to drop on the end of each line.
     GM  = 320033
     D   = 200232
     Em7 = 022033
  Ccadd9 = 023033

               G#7       Em       D6
I'll sing it one last time for you
          G#7     Em     D6
Then we really have to go
                   G#7    Em          D6
You've been the only thing that's right
            G#7    Em   D6
In all I've done
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/leona_lewis/run_crd.html ]
           G#7      Em       D6
And I can barely look at you
            G#7     Em       D6
But every single time I do
               G#7     Em       D6
I know we'll make it anywhere
           G#7    Em    D6
Away from here

    Light up, light up
    As if you have a choice
    Even if you cannot hear my voice
    I'll be right beside you dear

    Louder louder
    And we'll run for our lives
    I can hardly speak I understand
    Why you can't raise your voice to say

               G#7       Em         D6
To think I might not see those eyes
          G#7      Em       D6
Makes it so hard not to cry
            G#7       Em       D6
And as we say our long goodbye
          G#7   Em    D6
I nearly do

Light up... (same as chorus)

repeat til end.

AND THATS IT....kinda anyway.

Tommy W