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Stranger in a Strange Land                 Leon Russell & Don Preston
==========================                    with the Shelter People

Leon Russell is one of the greats. He has written many great tunes and
played with bands like the Rolling Stones. He is in the same class as
Todd Rundgren - ie. few know of his many many contributions.  This tune,
performed with The Shelter People, is an undiscovered modern anthem.
This was transcribed from a live version so a few words may be off. -

Intro:  F#m  E  B    D  C#m  B   then single note run  F# G G#   E F# A
F# A

A        E           G                D
How many days has it been since I was born?
A        E            D      D
How many days until I die?   Why?
     A        E        G              D
Do I know any way that I can make you laugh?
     A         E               F#m
Do I only know how to make you cry?
         Bm                E
When the baby looks around him,
Bm              E
Such a sight to see,
   C#m             F#m           D
He shares a simple secret with a wild man -
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               G             D       A
        He's a stranger in a strange land.
                 G             D       A
        (Just a) stranger in a strange land
                        G             D       A
        (Tell me why a) stranger in a strange land
                 G             D       A                fill between
        Woah - a Stranger in a strange land


A        E             G               D
How many miles will it take to see the sun?
A        E               D
How many years until its done?
A       E         G           D
Kiss my confusion away in the night
    A         E                     F#m
And lay by my side when the morning comes.
        Bm                E
And the baby looks around him,
Bm                E
Shares his bit of pain,
         C#m           F#m           D
With the begger in the palace of the king -


Outro: sung/spoken over G D A

Well, I don't exactly know what's going on in the world today
Don't know what there is to say about the way
The people are treatin' each other , not like brothers.
Leaders take us far away from Ecology with Mythology and Astrology
I've got the world to say about the way we love today
Why can't we learn to love each other
And try to learn a new faith to the whole world wide human race
Stop the mud and chase the rain back, relax and get back on the human
Stop racing into oblivion,  oh such a sad sad state we're in
It's not the same - do you recognize and tell the truth when you hear it
Won't you stop and listen to the children sing?  Won't you sing it

Chorus starts, vocal continues with:
   Won't you come on and sing it children
   (sing it one more time, i didn't hear ya)

 - Another great 70's tab by Dave Turner & Tim Willett