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Lady Blue Chords

Lady Blue by Leon Russell from Will O' The Wisp
Submitted by Bendave     cbennett35@nc.rr.com

In listening to the record, I think this version is in the right key. 
You may find it easier to play by using the transpose function to get to any easier set of chords.
FYI; I'm not sure of some of these chords.  The song is really challenging. 
Not many simple major or minor chords, for sure.

Intro: Fmaj7 (8th fret) - Bbm7 (6th fret) - Fmaj7- Bbm7- Fmaj7- Bbm7
C      F                                          Dm             Am7 (5TH fret)
Well , you're showing me a different sign,  Even after the flame is dying
     Bb           A    Bb        Dm               A7  Dm
You'll get used to me baby, you just wait and see oh lady,
      Bb7          A7             Dm               Bbm7
Cause I've been in love before,  And I love you a whole lot more.

C7  F                                         Dm                  Am7 
If you want it to be real good to ya, When I'm layin here making love to ya,
      Bb            A   Bb     Dm                  A7              Dm
Listen real close to me lady,  I want to get it straight right now baby,
A         Bb7                      C          F
Cause I'm lovin more and more and more, Lady Blue.
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Emaj7 (7th fret)                 Bm7(7TH fret)                              
Sad baby, blue lady, Sing me your love song,
C9                         Cmaj7
I just want you to know,   that I'm lovin' you more and more and more.

C7   F                                    
So if you want it to be real good to ya, 
        Dm                       Am7 (5TH)
when I'm layin here makin' love to ya,
       Bb              A Bb     Dm                A7    Dm
Listen real close to me baby, you just wait and see lady,
           Bb7           A7         Dm       A7                 Bb7
I've got a lotta love to give ya, I've got a whole life to spend if you'll
Gm7                      C7            F       C7                         
Just let me sing a sweet love song, Lady Blue, oh sing a love song,  
Lady Blue

   Fmaj7  Bbm7(6th) Am7    Bbm7  Emaj7   Bm7    C9  Cmaj7   C7    B7  A7