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Orchard Road Chords

Orchard Road
Leo Sayer
C x32010   G 320033  Am x02210  F 133211  Dm xx0231  G# 466544
Bb 688766 Cm 335543 A x02220 E 022100 D xx02320

C                      G                 Am
To tell the truth itís really such a sad affair
               G                         F
Standing here waiting in the cold night air
But Iíve got this make this call cause my heart is breaking
C                      G                       Am
I hear the pips drop a coin in the slot has it been that long
    G                   F
I thought you forgotten me I know thatís it getting late
       G                  Dm
But I just couldnít wait will I have the nerve to say
   F          G        Dm                         F
I just wanna come back or should I just go away
I just wanna come back 
C                    G             Am                      G
Iíve been struck by such bad luck I need a place a little happiness and
Some love
I think I can see it now, so let me paint the picture
G#                      Bb                  Cm
Its 12 oíclock and the curtains are drawn theyíre counting sheep down in 
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Orchard road
G#                     Bb             Cm                       G#   Bb
Youíre hanging on the telephone line tonight and I wish I could be in 
Orchard road
               G             Am                     G
Not much been happening here think Iíve got a job theyíre going to call me 
     F                             G                               C
Next week Iíll been working out of town well it sure beats hanging around
            G                      Am            G                    F
Whatís that tomorrow at two youíre kidding me no is that alright with you
I donít what to say it will be like a holiday
Dm                       F                     G
When you say youíre all alone makes me want to come back
Dm                       F                G
And this house is not a home I just gotta go back
G#                Bb                 Cm
Itís 12.10 when I put down the phone moon shinning down on Orchard road
G#                      Bb                    Cm                   G#    Bb
And Iím feeling like a schoolboy again tonight Iíll see you in my dreams
Of Orchard road
F                 G                   F             G
Itís funny but I thought Iíd never go back I think sometimes I might a lose 
                G                    Dm               G
But I remember you and the things we do and I want it back
A           E                 F#m                  D
In Orchard road youíve got my heart I left in your doorway
A           E             F#m                           D      C
In Orchard road a welcome back is waiting there just for me
C          G                  Am                     F    C
In Orchard road the sun will shine again I know I know
C           G                Am                   F       G
In orchard road you keep my love itís waiting there for me
G#                     Bb            Cm
Its 8 oíclock and the dawns arrived in Orchard road it breakfast time
G#                      Bb                    Cm              G#   Bb
I climb in my car and I turn the key and Iím gone I am coming home to
        C    G C
Orchard road