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We All Bow Down Chords


C 	     G 	      Dm 	       Am
Princes and paupers, sons and daughters,
F 	      G 	        C 	  C         G
Kneel at the throne of grace.....Loser and winners
Dm 	    Am   	      F  	  	    C        G
Saints and sinners...one day we'll see His face
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       C   Am 	 G 	 C 	       Am 	    Em
And we all bow down....Kings will surrender their crowns....
    F    C      G    Am 	       F 	  	    G 	   F 	     C
And worship...Je....sus.... for He is the love...unfailing love.....
F 	    G         C
He is the love...of God...

C 	  	 G       Dm       	    Am
 Summer and winter, the mountains and the rivers,
F 	     G 	      C 	     C   	          G
Whisper the Savior's name,  Awesome and holy, 
Dm 	  	    Am       F          C         G
the friend to the lonely, Forever His love will reign..