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Way We Are Chords

Lene Marlin, Way We Are

Capo on first fret
Standard tuning.


This is the riff played in the introduction and verses. I've put the chord names above 
help with fingering.

	Am	        F		     C

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  Am	                       F                      C               G
I watch you growing sometimes I see myself - in you
  Am	                    F            C               G
It can be scary but kinda funny too
  Am	 F            C
Ooh Ooh Ooh Oh
 G            Am
I hear you talking
     F         C
A lot of similarities
         G		Am	F
Your choice of words
		    C	 G
And all the fantasies

C		     F
 Just the way we are
G			Am
I guess you've seen it now
Dm			  Am
 A mirror of ourselves sure makes us weird
Am            G
Falling down
G			F
From a mountain of frights
F			Am
What's there to hold on to?

The way you make us all smile and the despair when you just
Won't go to sleep
You could have me walking a mile to make you smile still it's not
Really a weep
I know you fooled me
A million times
I just can't help it
Don't know why

Just the way we are
I guess you've seen it now
A mirror of ourselves sure makes us weird
Falling down from a mountain of frights
What's there to hold on to?

Am G F Am G F

G		       Dm		   Am
I know you hate it but they really have to do
What they do
G		       Dm		   Am
You're crying out your wishes I understand
G		F
Yet they don't have a clue.