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Never To Know Chords

Tuning: standard
Capo on 6th fret

Note: All chords are relative to capo.


   Am  F  C  G

Intro: Am - F - C - G
(The intro is actually played with violins, although it also sounds cool with a guitar)

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lene_marlin/never_to_know_crd.html ]
Am                F                                    C       G
    Did you know, hidden by his clothes there are some scars
Am                 F                          C       G
    Some are recent, some have been there for years
Am              F                C       G
    Did you know It doesn't even hurt
Am                  F                    C       G
    It never really hurts, but there are tears



       Am                         F 
Do you want the real story, or do you prefer the lie
       C                         G
Do you want to see him smile, or maybe see him cry
Am                        F
Do you want to follow, or let him go alone
    C              G                Am     F
For then, never to know... never to know
         C       G
never to know


The song goes on like that all the time. There are just some variations on the way the
chords are played (faster, slower, picking, normal...), or the instruments used, but
they are still the same chords.

Hope you like it !!!