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Eyes Closed Chords

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 3rd fret

Note: All chords are relative to capo.


   Am  F   C  G  ?

Note: That last chord (I called it "?" :D), I don't even think it exists, but I'm pretty
sure that's the one Lene plays ;D. 

Intro: Am - F - C - G (x4)

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Am              F-?                           C           G 
She could have,    when she's had a chance to miss him 
Am                       F-?                        C           G 
She could have kissed him, and you never would have known 



    Am       F               C       G          Am
Her eyes are closed, all she sees is your face
        F             C              G          Am   F
All she needs is your touch, is that asking too much 
       C           G           Am
She'll take you to that place, 
F                        C       G  Am 
Where nothing would feel better, 
     F                   C        G
Just knowing that you're with her 


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