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Rabbit Chords

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Rabbit--(Lemonheads cover of the Proud Scum song)

From: DevnGreen@aol.com

All chords are standard power chords. "5"

C5                                  A5
Well Ive been called a dope before
C5                        A5              B5
Say Im not sexy anymore for you               VERSE #1
C 5                A5                              
Say I am an animal  
C5                   A5                  B5     
Say I'm not a man at all, it's True! 
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lemonheads/rabbit_crd.html ]
CHORUS----(all still  "5" chords)
A  D     ED                         
I am A rabbit
A    D         ED                
Ive got to have it
A       D           ED         
Its a force of habit
A               D             E               D               ADA
I'd like to share my carrot.........with you

Verse #2  ALL chords same
Say I've got a one track mind
But I just want to have a grind with you...
I don't wanna marry you I just want to get through to you.....

CHORUS #2 Repeat (same as #1)

C                         B
I must of been a bliss too
A                BA
Say Im not concerned
C                          B          
But I don't wanna go with you 
             A              BA
To the point of no return
C        B                 A             BA        
Thats because I'm a rabbit..

SOLO---- C B A   BA   (CHORDS over solo)   
If you are a real die-hard you can always try the "Sweet Child O' Mine" Solo on it. Actually you should do this on all Hate Your Friends Songs.

Last line though is " I'd like to stick my carrot in you!"