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Intro:   | G | Cadd9 |  (x 4)

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D                 G                     D            G   Cadd9
   Thrilled to be in the same post code   as you.
D             A                   G
   I tell you things I know you'd like to know,
Em                         D
   Treat you to cake every night.
         G                   D                G   Cadd9
Suddenly talk and it'll make   you fright.
D           A                 G               Em
   Smile at me, I'll hold you really tight,
                G                    G
Follow you into bed, run around till mornin',
      G                Cadd9
We'll   stay awake all night.
                      Cadd9                 Em                       A
We'll repeat the same       stories, but of course never in front of friends.
G          Cadd9          D
How it all started in the kitchen.

G       Cadd9

{play verse chords}
Remember the time you said we should wait awhile?
You'd let me know when you changed your mind.
Yeah, I was sad for some time.
But 12 hours watching me at the wheel
Made me realize what you really feel.
Won't have to hurt anymore.

G       Cadd9

Walking you home along Mt. Vernon Street,
You told me secrets I was shocked to know.
Pretend it was me every night.
I'm thrilled to  be in the same postcode as you.
I'll come and visit, maybe never go,
Follow you into bed.

G                  Cadd9             G                Cadd9
   Run around till mornin' and we'll stay awake every night.
                   Cadd9                 Em                       A
We repeat the same       stories, but of course never in front of friends.
G             Cadd9          G
   How it all started in the kitchen.

{repeat and fade}