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Its A Shame About Ray Chords

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"It's A Shame About Ray"

Originally posted by: ?
Corrected by:  Chris Bray (cbray@comp.uark.edu)

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Weird chords:

E/G#        :  4x245x
Gsus2(add6) :  3x0230
D/F#        :  2x023x


 G|----------------|    (x 2)

Intro:  | A | E | D | D | A | E/G# | Gsus2(add6) | D/F# |  Riff

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 A               E                  D
 I've never been too good with names.
 A                 E/G#         Gsus2(add6)      D/F#
    The cellar door was open, I could never stay away.
 A                E                  D
    I know it's prob'ly not my place.
 A                 E/G#           Gsus2(add6)   D/F#
    It's either or, I'm hoping for a simple way   to say.

  A              E           D
     It's a shame about Ray.
  A           E/G#                Gsus2(add6)    D/F#
     In the stone, under the dust, his name is still engraved.
  A                   E             D
     Some things need   to go away.
  A               E       D             Riff (x2)
     It's a shame   about Ray.

| A | E | D | D | A | E/G# | Gsus2(add6) | D/F# |

{Repeat verse chords}
 If I make it through today,
 I'll know tomorrow not to put my feelings out on display.
 I'll put the cobwebs back in place.
 I've never been to good with names, but I remember faces.