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I Wish I Was Him Chords

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      I WISH I WAS HIM as performed by Evan Dando(in Wash.D.C.11/13/94)
                            written by Ben Lee, (by DEVON Green)

D A       G         x4
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  D                                  A
i feel real stupid when i say it out loud 
       D                              A
like i'm just jealous of a silver cloud
     D                                      A
he looks real good, he drinks diet coke
    D                                      A
he gets his enemies sent by air not boat

tacket          D                                           G
i wish i was him,  gets the women at his feet 
                           D                            G
with all his cool friends,  has no enemies
                     D                                       G
i wish i was him ,  gets his records for free 
                     D    A             G             x4
i wish i was him,      

2nd&3rd verse and chorus same chords

verse2: he's got six different flannel shirts, airwalks not thongs
             he even understands the words to all the pavement songs
            he's got the coolest new guitar toys 
             he even loves SMUDGE and the Beastie Boys
   chorus2  :same lyrics
verse3:  well i feel alot better now that i let it all out
              he's got big biceps and a masculine shout
              it's not that i'm tryin' to be mean
              but he plays guitar much faster than me
    chorus3: still same lyrics