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HOW MUCH I'VE LIED(written by Gram Parsons)
 from the Heavy Soundtrack

From: DevnGreen@aol.com

here's How much i've lied from the Heavy sndtrk, i think its in a different
key than how he does it on the soundtrack but matches well with a live cd i
have.like usual if ya have any other suggestions please let me know.
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G                       D                          G                    C
darling there is something i must tell you must know
     Em                  C                       D
but its so hard to say the words i feel
      C                      G                 G                 C
this fancy that i'm on has been going on too long
     Em                      C                           D
its time we stop pretending things are real 
         G                       D                 G                      C
cause i've been living deep in sin, i've been living blind 
       Em                C                          D
and i can't really tell whats right or wrong
     C                        G                      G                C
to take a chance on losing you was such a silly thing to do
      Em                            C         D           G
the chance i might wake up and find you gone
C          G           G                     C
blue so blue my love is burnin' blue
Em            C                          D
any bright flame would be a lie
C          G           G                            C
blue so blue my love still burns for you
Em                          C                    D
but i know that i'll only make you cry
   G                    D                          G
a theif can only steal from you he can not break your heart 
       Em                     C                      D
he'll never touch the precious things inside
     C                            G              G                       C
so one like you should surely be miles and miles away from me
Em                      C                            D
then you'd never care how much i've lied 
    C                 G                        G
so try to understand the pain it takes so long when i explain
      Em                     C                D              G
but please don't you forget how much i've lied