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Hannah And Gabi Chords

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Hannah & Gabi
by The Lemonheads, from "It's a shame about Ray"

The "D Am G"-parts are probably played like this:
(NB! This representation does not reflect the rhythm of the strokes)

     D                 Am                G
G--3/7---7---7--7--7---5----5---5--5--5--0- ....
   ^     v   v  ^  v  ^    v   v  ^  v  ^  ....

( ^ = downstroke, v = upstoke, / = slide)

(If you are having problems playing the above chords remember to
 use pinky and ringfinger for B and G strings on D chord when sliding.)

(D Am G) x 2
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lemonheads/hannah_and_gabi_crd_ver_2.html ]
D       Am                 G
Got me watching your eyes watching things go by outside
D       Am           G
out the window of a train
D     Am                G
easy sipping them just seeing it fly left to right
D         Am               G
pour the milk and I'll say when

Em       A         G
I'm out wandering around
Em          A              G
you're but one thing I've found
Em       A                 G
I don't mean to bring you down
Em       A         G
I'm out wandering around

D      Am                 G
kinda hoped you wouldn't blame me
                  D    Am               G
I can't wake up every day and find the same me
D        Am                   G
you can scream but I'll just dream how you might disappear
D      Am                 G
all I know is it's never clear

Em       A        G
I can't hold you near
Em        A       G
you just are not here
Em         A              G
though it wasn't hard or far
Em           A        G
I walked you to your car

(Bm  A   G) repeated singing "Ooooohhh"......


D  xx0232  | These chords are preferably played
Am x02210  | as stated above, not as shown here!
G  320003
Em 022000
A  x02220
Bm x24432

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