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Half The Time Chords

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"Half the Time"

Chords by:  Chris Bray  (cbray@comp.uark.edu)

Weird chords:  G6: 320030       D2/B:  x2x230           G6/B:  x20030
               Badd11:  x24440  C#m9:  x46640

Intro:  | D2 | G6 D2 | G6 D2 | Em A7 |
        | D2 | G6 D2 | G6 D2 | Em A7 |

          D2                     G6            D2
There's a crow flyin' down from over the hill.
G6            D2       Em       A7
Cracked paint on my window sill.
      D2                   G6    D2
Each morning broke provides a girl.
G6        D2         Em      A7
Forget my evening feeling world.
     F#5            G5               A5
When day gets dark      it seeps into my skin.
    F#5            G5               A5
And I rcall the spark that kept me sane.

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D2                        G6       D2
   Can't talk to you it's plain,
G6          D2         Em       A7
Won't start to name my pain,
D2               G6        D2
Or forget I don't  know why
    G6         D2        Em      A7
You tugged the corner of   my eye.
F#5       G5                A5
Movin' up    the neck of my    guitar.
F#5                  G5                  A5
I turn the lamp off,     I see where you are.

A2           D2               D2/B              A7
        Your one light slowly fading in my mind.
A7sus4      D2                  Cadd9
        The furthest from my head.
G6/B     G5
Half the time.

D2               D2/B                      A7
Simple point too bright to leave the sky.
D2                 Cadd9  G6/B  G5   Dm    G        F    C
     You're dissolving    in my eye, in my eye.
Dm        G       F     C
My closed eye.
Dm              G       A5      F5      G5
Half the time.

E                A2      E        A2          E  F#m     B7
Mountain Dew and Malboro,   While I stew over er all I owe.
   E                    A2          E
My eyes set wet against    the breeze,
A2            E    F#m         B7
Guide the sun into   the trees.
      G#5                   A5              B5
Where squirrels are holding acorns in their teeth.
  G#5            A5             B5              Badd11
I can't see into why I made you leave.

     E                C#m  C#m9      Badd11
Your one light slowly fad--ing in my mind.
    E                      D2
The furthest from my head.
C#m        A2
Half the time.
  E              C#m C#m9       Badd11
A simple point revolving in my sky.
E                D2   C#m   A2
    You're dissolving in my eye.