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Frying Pan Chords

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"Frying Pan"  (Victoria Williams)

As Performed by Evan Dando on "Sweet Relief"

Capo 2nd fret

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D   	  Em                 G 
One laugh in the middle of a struggle,
D       Em                G
Diamond at the bottom of a puddle.
G                               A
Did you ever stare at the moon, 'till you saw double,
D          Em             G
I hear you walk away from trouble.

D          Em             G
Good love, there ain't no denying,
D             Em             G
Say bad love, somebody ain't trying
G                             A
Did you ever walk some place, just take time,
D           Em                G
Or take the fast road and get going.

G                         A
And then the rules break, there's no mistake,
D         Em              G
These are precious times, you and I,
G                 D - Em - G
We walk the line.
A                 D - Em - G
We walk the line.

I looked in a frying pan,
I sang a song.
I looked at a dying man.
He sang along.