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Brass Buttons Chords

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From: lemonpelr5@aol.com (LemonPelr5)

Brass Buttons is a Gram Parsons song covered by Evan on "Lovey"...        
(by Devon Green)

chords are in form of noncapo chords. not actual chord.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lemonheads/brass_buttons_crd.html ]
    intro:   Em             A                        D Dadd4     D

         Em                  Asus2                       D     Dadd4    D
brass buttons green silks and silver shoes
         Em                  Asus2                         D   Dadd4    D
warm evenings pale mornings bottled blues
and the tiny golden pins, 
that she wore up in her hair
         Em                  Asus2                D    Dadd4      D
brass buttons green silks and silver shoes........

repeat for 2nd and 3rd verses using the same chords
hint: that Dadd4--is just D with the opened 4th string