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Being Around Chords

Being Around

D              		      G
If I was in the fridge, would you open the door?
D               Bm             A    
If I was the grass, would you mow your lawn?
D                             G       
If I was your body, would you still wear clothes?
D              Bm             A        
If I was a booger, would you blow your nose?
          G                  A
Would you keep it? Would you eat it?
         D                        Bm    G    A       D	A
I'm just tryin to give myself a reason, for being around.
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D                                        G
If I was the front porch swing would you let me hang?
D              Bm                   A
If I was the dance floor would you shake your thing?
D                                  G
If I was a rubber check would you let me bounce
D       Bm               A
Up and down inside your bank account?
         G                 A
Would ya trust me, not to break you?
         D        		   Bm        G        A      D   A
I'm just tryin really hard to make you, notice me being around.

(Hang out on A for a while)

D          			  G
If I was a haircut would you wear a hat?
D          Bm            A        
If I was a maid, could I clean your flat?
D                            G         
If I was the carpet would ya wipe your feet,
D          Bm           A
In time to save me from mud off the street?
       G                 A                   
If you liked me, if you loved me, 
	    D				   Bm
Would you get down on your knees and scrub me?
             Asus     Asus     
I'm a little grubby
    A     	D	G   D  A7   D
From being around.