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Mr Wolfgang Chords

Ab A E F
Bb A E F
Ab A E F
Bb A E F Ab
A       E   F         Bb  A
Hey Mr. Wolfgang, you got fired
        E F
You did nothing wrong
  Ab   A                E   F         Bb A
But here you are on the sidewalk with no home
         E   F                Ab  A
Itís not your fault, itís all their fault
       E   F                  Bb  A
So get up, man, and brush off the dust
        E F         Ab   A
And get set and run back there
You gotta show them
You gotta show them
You gotta show them
          Bb   F
You gotta kill everyone
          C    G
You gotta kill everyone
          Bb   F        A
You gotta kill everyone tonight
Dm  C        A   Bb
Mr. Wolfgang Mr. Wolfgang
    F        G       Bb   
Mr. Wolfgang Mr. Wolfgang
Mr. Wolfgang 
Dm A Bb
    F     G Bb Eb    A
Mr. Wolfgang     Mr. Wolfgang
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