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                           STAY AWAY MONDAY
                        (V. Herman/Sorrentino)

ARTIST: Leftover Salmon
ALBUM: Ask the Fish

Transcribed by Mike Ansolabehere 

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  D                        Bm   A   D
Stay Away Monday,  you're back too soon

          Bm      A       G              D
I've been out all weekend howlin' at the moon

 Bm            A           G     D
Dancin' to the Rythym of a Cajun tune

 Bm            A                         Bm
Monday come around it always give me the blues

A                       D     G
Monday's comin back too soon, Ohh

D              A        D
Monday's comin back too soon

    Substitute the rest of the lyrics in with the same chords and
Wah-La...  The Bridge goes Bm->G->Bm->G->Bm->G->A -> D.   This is the
Bridge of the song (the part where drew tears up an electric guitar
solo), not the bridge we cross to meet BERT!