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Subject: River's Rising chord

                                RIVER'S RISING
                                (Drew Emmitt)
ARTIST: Leftover Salmon
ALBUM: Euphoria

[lyrics transcribed by Bryant Vann 
chords transcribed by John Carter 

Intro: E  C  D  A E

E               C                 D                  A      E
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.  No relief from the risin' tide.
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E                           C                  D
Somethin' in the way of the world has changed, broken apart and


                E      G     D     A                  E
And the river's risin'.            Rain keeps pourin' down.

                E      G     D     A                  E
And the river's risin'.        Oh, take me to a higher ground.

E                  C
Not too little and much too late.

D                     A       E
Courting disaster and tempting fate.

E                 C             D              A          E
Goin' against all natural laws, putting effect before the cause.


E                   C
When will I see the sun shine again?

D                       A         E
When will this darkness come to an end?

E                         C
Watchin' and waitin', the flood waters rise,

D                      A        E
I can't believe what's before my eyes.