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                                BABY HOLD ON
                               (Drew Emmitt)

GROUP: Leftover Salmon
ALBUM: Euphoria

lyrics transcribed by Bryant Vann ,
chords transcribed by John Carter 

Baby hold on, I'm coming home to you

You know it's been so long

since we danced by the light of the moon
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Well, I just can't wait to see you smiling again

Bb            F
So baby hold on - I'm going to be home soon

Verse 1:
All the time I'm away, you're always on my mind

Every hour of the day, I can remember how fine

                          Bb                     F
There's so much I want to say to you, so much to feel

                               C                   F
As the sky turns grey to blue, two days behind the wheel


Verse 2:
Every time I hear your voice on the telephone line

I can make it just one more day knowin' that you're still mine

                   Bb                                    F
No one else in the whole wide world can love me like you do

                            C                    F
Gonna be in your arms again, before the night is through