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The Great Awakening Chords

A       Asus/F#       A
D   (/E)       F#m   (/E)    C#m7    (/D)    E    x2

Bm7     (A/C#    D)         E        Asus   

A                                          Asus/F#
One man wakes, awakens another
A                                                    Asus/F#
Second one wakes his nest door brother
D                           F#m
Three awake can rouse a town
        C#m7                       E
And turn the whole place upside down
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A                                               Asus/F#
Many awake will cause such a fuss
    A                             Asus/F#
It finally awakes all of us
D                           F#m
One man wakes with dawn in his eyes
        C#m7                       E
Surely then it multiplies
Bm    (A/C#   D)    E       (Asus4   
Asus2)     A
Surely then it multiplies

You can repeat the song as many times as you like :D
I hope this tab is what you expected it to be, since no one tabbed it I thought I should 
give it a try! Lots of love, keep enjoying music