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Beautiful Lord Chords

Beautiful Lord


         C               Em         D      (4X)
When the storm is raging all around me 
You are the peace that calms My troubled sea 
And when the cares of this world Darken my day 
You are the light that shines And shows me the way 

        Am7            G/B    C    (2X)
Oh, the beauty of Your majesty 
On the cross You showed Your love for me! 
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          C     Em     D  (4X)
Beautiful Lord 
Awesome and mighty 
Iím captured by this love I see 
Beautiful Lord 
Tender and holy 
Your mercy brings me to my knees 
          Am7            G/B     C
Itís Your mercy that has made me free   Beautiful Lord 

When my sin is all that I can see 
Your grace remains the shelter that I seek 
And when my weakness is all I can give 
Your gentle Spirit gives me strength again 

         G                      D     
And I am lifted by Your love to sing! 
          Am7            G/B     C  (2X)  
Itís Your mercy that has made me free!